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I have had a lot of problems with cloudflare certificates right now since the beginning of the week. It is namely that with the software below everything does not work properly if I use SSL from cloudflare:
Direct admin

I have noticed this because content with Azuracast is suddenly not being displayed properly and normal shortcut codes are being displayed, with Directadmin I get the error on SOME servers that the certificate does not match the domain. And with Azuracast I can’t let myself play the radio. These problems are around the beginning of this week (I noticed it may have been much earlier) I would like a solution for this because I am not happy with it at all. For support I will immediately create a ticket after this posting. Thanks in advance

And how should the community be able to help you with the information you provided?

You either have an invalid SSL configuration on your server or the software you mentioned is unable to handle SNI or certificate SANs. In the former case you’d need to fix your server configuration and ensure you have a valid certificate, in the latter case you need to contact the respective software vendor.

Well there has never been any problems, and suddenly saw that they have made changes over SSL and the systems were not touched at that time, so cloudflare can only have something to do with this. It works perfectly without cloudflare

Very unlikely.

Do you have a valid certificate on your server?

No but on cloudflare i have a valid.
And on the server it is port 80. SSL works with a sequred connection but it shows content not good.

Then this is most likely the reason. Make sure you have a valid certificate on your server, you need it anyhow.

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