SSL errors take down site when using CloudFlare nameservers

Hi all,

I’ve just updated my DreamHost nameservers to a Cloudflare free tier… and suddenly my website is inaccessible!


When I search these two error codes, the previous posts in this forum seem to indicate they were caused by temporary service outages, but I see no relevant outages at

What is the domain?

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Start by clicking the generated links :point_up_2: in your post. They will take you to relevant articles. Beyond that, please answer the question asked by @sjr so the Community can better assist.

Thank you for the quick replies.

I resolved my issue, which was that my Cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption mode was erroneously set to “Flexible”.

From the Cloudflare dashboard, going to Websites > [my site] > SSL/TLS and changing SSL/TLS encryption mode to “Full (strict)” resolved the issue.

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