SSL Error Worspress site Jetpack Plugin

Hi, i have a wordpress site with woocommerce plugin. My site is hosted on my own linux (ubuntu server). I’m trying to setup the jetpack plugin and i have the attached error.

The SSL was generated with Let’s ecrypt. Both versions of openssl and curl are the last updated. What can i do for that?

You are using WordPress and WooCommerce with Jetpack on your sub-domain?

Moreover, from the screenshot above I can see http://shop - you cannot make it because you are on HTTP, not HTTPS.

Can you check if you have an SSL certificate for your host/origin and which SSL options are selected under Cloudflare dashboard for your domain and your sub-domain?
Does the DNS records have :orange: or :grey: cloud?

Hopefully, the domain is added to Cloudflare?

You can test an HTTPS connection and SSL certificate for your sub-domain using this tool:

But you are accessing your Website via HTTP? Have you installed WordPress on HTTP or HTTPS? Can you check your SITE_URL and HOME_URL under Options tab at WordPress dashboard?

If so, you should select the Full SSL option under SSL tab at Cloudflare dashboard and have HTTPS connection at your (sub)domain at the above screenshot, which is not seen as far.

What is the domain and/or sub-domain?

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