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Hi! I have some problems with the SSL. I’m trying to connect to my website via: and I receive this error:


If I go without the “www” it works fine. I know that this SSL doesn’t support, but there’s something that I can do on Cloudflare?

Edit: I saw now, some pages will auto-redirect with www and it’s frustrating because I can’t acces the subdomain.

You may need to use Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM) to resolve your issue as follows:

More about it here:


I bought ACM. One more question. Is there any way to introduce “*” for or I have to introduce them manually?

You can wildcard the first part of a hostname in a certificate, so * would work.

But for DNS, only an Enterprise Plan can :orange: Proxy a wildcard DNS entry.


@sdayman Kindly, may I use this opportunity and could I please ask you to add #2335904 to helperbot (I Cced @cloonan while writing a ticket to CF support via my e-mail), cannot login as @fritex to the CF Community after yesterday account modification :roll_eyes: :innocent: :grimacing: Thank you in advance!


Thank you! My expression was wrong. I wanted to say if I can write something like this * . *
I mean, without www.subdomain. for each subdomain

Sorry, but you can’t double-wildcard DNS or Certificates.


Ok, thank you! Merry Christmas!


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