SSL Error when enable proxy

For the past 2 weeks s i am trying to get my website to work behind the Cloudflare proxy (Orange dns) but it just doesn’t work. I get SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP (mozilla) Cipher Mismatch(chrome). I read a lot of topic here and google and youtube but didn’t manage to solve the issue. I even read the recently topic from 18days ago but I did figured out what to do.
If I disable the Proxy (from Orange to Gray) everything works fine but it is showing my AWS EC2 IP address.
I even transferred my domain to cloudflare.
DNS management:

Universal SSL Enabled and Active. I have installed a LetsEncrypt SSL on my server. Maybe nginx is not configured as it should, don’t know…


www currently is proxied and does load fine

But you should change your encryption mode to Full Strict.

It is not proxied as you can see in the print screen and server’s ip is shown when you check.

Never mind.

But fixing the encryption mode should fix your issue.

It won’t. The only way to hide the server’s IP is to proxy the cname

Fixing the encryption mode won’t fix your issue? How can you tell that?

Once more, change your encryption mode to Full Strict.

You don’t understand my issue. When the CF cloud is gray it is NOT proxied, it is not about the encryption. I now have it in Full(strict) and i still have the issue. The issue is that the cname is not proxied. if i proxy it, it stops working.

So it is Full Strict right now?

I’m a bit surprised, since when I look at your non-www site, the certificate is good for the root domain as well as the www subdomain.

If you dig into that error message does it show you the certificate it sees?

If you proxied it, we would be able to do a lot more troubleshooting.

Yeah, it is a bit strange. I saw that the certificate is good for the root domain as well as the www subdomain.
I proxied the cname.

I’m getting a redirect for www. I go to https www, and it 301 redirects me to https www.

Would you happen to have a Page Rule set up for redirects? If so, please post a screenshot of it.

I honestly have no idea how these got there.

Were ON. I switched them OFF and now I get “Network Error” (i think it can’t connect to the database)

It’s working for me. The reason for the loop is that Rule #2 doesn’t have a scheme, it will match http and https. So if you put http in front of www, that rule will work. And remove the scheme from Rule #1 so it matches http and https to redirect to www.

I also suggest you put a * at the end of both Matches, then at the Forwaring URL, put a /$1 at the end. This will retain the path if someone bookmarked the wrong version of your URL.

Thanks for trying to help me but the website still not working. I mean it opens the index page with “Fetching posts. Wait a sec…” rotating and do nothing and, for few seconds appear “Network error” on the bottom of the page. There is a TEST post on the website which can be seen if the website is working properly.

Why is it trying to connect to https on Port 80?

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 12.41.34 PM

Good question. Didn’t see that. The dev. stopped replying my messages/answering my calls and left me like this. I think i found the issue. I need to open (or redirect 80) port 443 for node because currently is listening on port 80

(p.s firewall is off)

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did you get this working at all… i have the same issue.

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