SSL Error (uses an unsupported protocol)

Hello Team,
I am using Let’s Encrypt Free SSL on my website ( The SSL working very fine. But when i activate Cloudflare in my siteground cpanel and enable Cloudflare SSL support, It was showing error like: This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

Please help!

I believe that would happen if Cloudflare’s SSL cert for that domain hasn’t completed its setup. This would show in your SSL/TLS app at Cloudflare under SSL in the Status section.

If you had a working SSL before migration to CF you can continue using it but CF should have the private key. Upload your key in your panel or ask a brand new SSL from CF,

what was the solution to this problem? uses an unsupported protocol.

seems like the website worked and secured with ssl.

Anyone please help. I Have the same problem and i am new here.

Also I set up SSL on my site with Cloudflare cdn but on my laptop it doesn’t work I mean it cannot redirect from http to https. What should i do to overcome this problem?

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