Ssl error tunnel

Hello, I have a domain ( purchased from google domains. I recently installed this domain on cloudflare to use the tunnel service, I created a subdomain ( to remotely access an application on my server. When I access the domain via https it gives me an error, but when I try via http it works. Can anyone help me solve this problem? I have already made some configurations on the domain’s SSL in the cloudflare panel.

You did not share the error message you’re seeing, suspect it’s subdomain too deep?

The Cloudflare universal certificates cover and * This means that it covers any subdomain one level below the domain you signed up with.

It will cover and, as these are one level below the root domain,

The certificate will not cover or, however, as these subdomains are too deep.

You need the $10/month Advanced Certificate Manager from Cloudflare, on which you can specify the subdomain you need to cover.

This is the prints (bazillian portuguese language):