SSL ERROR: This site can’t provide a secure connection

I just switched my client’s domain to run through Clourdflare.

DNS went fine but now getting the site uses an unsupported protocol error.

We had an AUTOSSL certificate before. Should I disable this?

In the SSL/TLS app I have it set to FULL and is says Active Certificate.

I had read elsewhere to disable the SSL for 5 minutes and reactivate and it would work … but it didn’t.

Any help?

It takes a little bit of time before the Cloudflare certificate is issued. This error will normally go away within 24 hours on the free plan, and within 10 minutes on paid plans.

You can :grey: your record in the meantime.

Thanks @martin2 but when I gray cloud it nothing changes.

The certificate say Active but you’re saying the error will still persist for 24 hours anyway?!?

I’m tempted to just change the DNS back to point to the server but will that restart the clock on the Cloudflare side?

Normally issuance and deployment of the Cloudflare certificate happens a lot faster than 24 hours.

If a record is :grey:, it means you have pointed that specific DNS record directly to back to your origin server. If nothing changes directly after changing to :grey:, then that might indicate that you are still hitting Cloudflare servers. Wait a few minutes for DNS caches to be cleared.

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