SSL error - SSL not trusted

Submitted support request on ticket 1958463.

Updated DNS and site switch to CloudFlare today. The SSL certificate had expired so we removed the expired SSL and installed a CloudFlare origin certificate. SSL mode was set to Full/Strict, Always Use HTTPS mode has been enabled.

When visiting the site, we are still able to see the HTTP version of the site. When we try the HTTPS version of the site, we get a privacy error. Looking at the certificate details shows the CloudFlare origin certificate and that it is not a trusted certificate.

Do we just need to wait until all the certs are live or am I missing something in the settings?

Assuming your record is proxied that will be a DNS propagation issue. Just wait a couple of hours.

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Oh yeah, I guess I missed some important stuff. The link to the site is

All A records and CNAMES are proxied, so it looks like we just need to wait for everything to propagate. Just bad timing that the SSL expired the day we switched.

Loads just fine


Maybe try forcing your resolver to update, reboot the router.

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