Hey there!
I set up Cloudflare for my Website a few months ago (including flexible SSL) and everything worked fine.
But suddenly when I opened the Website yesterday evenig I got an Error from Firefox: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

What should I do? I tried everything and my Hosting Provider says on their end everything is ok.

Please, please help me!!
Thank you very very much!!!

Edit: I have 2 other Websites (on the same server) on Cloudflare too, which still work fine after about 1 year without this SSL error…

Only one server is currently giving me an error and that’s because Cloudflare is paused, so the connection is going direct to origin and not using Cloudflare or it’s certificate.

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Yeah, it’s because I paused it so I can visit my Website normally. Should I enable it again so you can check everything?

@cs-cf I enabled Cloudflare again, please help me to manage this Error!

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