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Hello community,
I have recently transferred a domain to a new Squarespace -site using Cloudflare. First I had problems with DNS but apparently, Squarespace will continue showing DNS error even though the DNS information is inserted correctly and the traffic is now going to the site.
The problem now is SSL. Since Squarespace is still seeing that the DNS is not connected properly it keeps showing SSL ERROR. And when visiting the site ( it has that security warning for site visitor “not safe”.
I have put the SSL on Cloudflare to Full and on Squarespace on Secure (= Search engines will index the secure version of your site, and visitors accessing the insecure version will be automatically directed to the secure version.) So there is double SSL but still it’s not secure. What should I do?

Thank you!!!

Näyttökuva 2020-10-29 kello 11.14.26|328x500 Näyttökuva 2020-10-29 kello 11.14.48

Having the same issue? Can anyone help?

This is an unsupported configuration. Probably because of issues such as these.

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