SSL Error Pitchmagic to Google Domains to Cloudflare

If you are using pitchmagic to make a site, and your domain is from google or anything besides cloudflare, and you are trying to add SSL to your domain using cloudflare, use flexible SSL ! I tried using full SSL and it caused errors when I loaded my site. (I couldn’t find any article that fixes this error so I wrote it)

No, no, no. Did I already mention no? :wink:

Flexible should never be chosen -> Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice

If you have issues with Full strict, you should make sure you have a proper and valid certificate on your server.

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the loading error was that pitchmagic was veiwed as an attacker. can I whitelist pitchmagic as friendly?

I am not sure what software that is, but the SSL mode does not influence in any way whether a client is blocked or not and whitelisting wont affect that either.

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