SSL Error Only on Mobile Browser

This morning I was getting all kinds of error reports from Google concerning my AdWords campaign being deactivated because it was hitting on dead links. I checked my site and my Cloudflare settings, and it looked like my DNS table had been updated on my host, but not in Cloudflare. So I updated it in Cloudflare, and everything seemed fine. However, now I am consistently getting the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR only on my Chrome mobile browser on my phone. Desktop version seems to be working fine. The site is: - any help would be greatly appreciated!

Could you purge the cache and force stop the browser? My guess would be it is trying to connect to a wrong IP address. Maybe restart the whole phone.

Tried that - didn’t work. Now I’m getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED on my desktop browser. I have no idea what’s going on

Welcome to the beautiful restricted world of what they call mobile :laughing:

You could try to install one of those network analyser applications where you can perform a DNS lookup to check what IP address you get for your domain.

Is there an app that you suggest?

Anything that manages to execute a DNS lookup should be fine.

I am not running Chrome, but took the next best thing a Chromium-based browser and could load your site without issues.

Now at this moment, everything seems to be working fine. Is there an issue you can think of that would cause these intermittent issues? I have never seen this before. I go from SSL_ERROR to CONNECTION_CLOSED to everything working beautifully - back to the errors. And nothing is being done to anything on the backend.

That sounds to me as if you have one or more DNS resolvers which are not quite sure what IP to return and might return alternately Cloudflare’s IP and an earlier one (either your current origin or an older IP address).

Debugging this on a phone is always fun unfortunately. Are you using the same Wifi network as your desktop or are you using the mobile connection?

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