SSL error on mail server with Hostgator

I have been hosting my site for years while also using Cloudflare. Last couple of weeks I’m getting SSL certificate error messages when using MS Outlook on my PC and mail on iPhone. The message is saying the SSL certificate from Hostgator is not trusted. While I can just choose “OK” to use it on Outlook and everything works, on iPhone I can’t send emails.
When I check the website it’s still using the Cloudflare SSL and everything is ok. So the problem is only on the mail side. What can I do? I didn’t do any configuration changes. Hostgator support points me to Cloudflare support to solve this.

Interesting. The mail SSL certificate is coming from your host - which is Hostgator and they expect Cloudflare to resolve this issue for you?

Any mail related traffic does not have Cloudflare involved except the DNS resolution part, and DNS does not even related to SSL.

You can try to use this tool to check if their SSL certificate is really invalid.

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