SSL Error Occurring Since SSL Certificate Was Issued by Google GTS


I’ve been encountering an SSL error related to Cloudflare, where the edge certificate was issued by Google Trust Services (GTS) about a month ago.

The SSL is functioning properly on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. However, on certain devices like TV browsers, the website displays an SSL warning error, stating that the certificate is invalid.

When I disable Cloudflare and the website is no longer proxified, the error disappears as the server utilizes a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate.

Interestingly, I have another website on the same account with its certificate issued by Cloudflare, and it works fine when tested on the device.

I am wondering if there is a way to change the certificate issuer to Cloudflare instead of Google, as there seems to be an issue with Google GTS. I’m aware that this can be done on a paid plan, but I can’t find such an option in the free plan. It appears that Cloudflare doesn’t provide any other alternatives, aside from pausing their service to use the server’s SSL.

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You are correct that adding a subscription to Advanced Certificate Manager would be required to exercise preference over which CAs issue your Universal SSL certificate. If your Universal certificates were obtained prior to 2023-05-19 you may be able to resolve the issue by turning it off and on again.


Thgank you so much, the solution work or me very well


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