SSL error - not showing on home page

The SSL on my website home page does not work, or shows as not secure, when other sub-domains show as secure ( I tried these suggestions, but this did not fix the issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix the issue? I noticed the problem started when I installed Termly code to install GDPR opt-in pop-up on my website. I have since de-activated the header plugin and assume the code has been removed from the header, but the SSL error still happens: We have found that:
the website has mixed content errors. Mixed content disrupts content delivery over HTTPS because some of the resources requested are served over HTTP. If this error occurs, a green lock does not appear when serving HTTPS traffic. Review [How do I fix the SSL Mixed Content Error Message?] before filing a Cloudflare Support ticket.

The origin web server for is responding slowly to initial requests for uncached HTML content. To remove this performance bottleneck, look at your server’s ability to return HTML faster and/or implement HTML caching in Cloudflare. You may benefit from [caching static HTML and anonymous page views]. Learn how to do this in: [WordPress].

One (or more) of these tips will fix Mixed Content. Give them a try.

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