after setting up Cloudflare successfully.

on the dashboard, it shows SSL active but I’m getting an error as shown in above image

how to fix this issue

please help me

Clear your browser cache. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did and I tried on another device but nothing happened you check the link

@MarkMeyer probably did check it and saw that it was working. There’s some problem at your end, and it could just be DNS.

EDIT: I see problems during a global test. How long ago did you add the site?

I shows on browser yes, but when ever i check on
Google page insights or gtmetrics it returns with error

Lighthouse returned error: NO_FCP. Something went wrong with recording the trace over your page load. Please run Lighthouse again. (NO_FCP)Dismiss

And checked my website on ssl checker


This is what i got it says no ssl installed its running on http.

Please reply me fast.

Hi @sagarsp22222 the name servers don’t point to cloudflare. It looks like they did, but the zone was deleted from Cloudflare and currently the name servers are a mix of your old ones and hank & erin from Cloudflare. /After you add the zone to Cloudflare/ Your domain registrar needs to change the name servers, we verify that change and will indicate that on your cloudflare dashboard.

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