SSL error, my fault or known issue?

Greetings Cloudflare community,

I am looking for a sanity check please.

I have recently taken the steps to setup my own domain to that I can access a home server of mine while away from my home LAN.

Using the steps found here:

My domain was purchased through Squarespace and I have added the two given nameservers from Cloudflare.

I am using a server side addon called “Cloudflared” to allow be to access my server via a Cloudflare tunnel.

I have been able to successfully authorize the tunnel and can see it listed on the zero trust dashboard with a “healthy” status.

Though sadly I believe I have either messed up the DNS record entries with the Cloudflare dashboard, or I am experiencing this “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH” error due to a lingering/unresolved Cloudflare outage.

What are your thoughts folks?

Thank you for your time in reading this request for input.

Circling back 7 hours later with a fully functional Cloudflare Tunnel. :slightly_smiling_face:

What I did?

Cloudflare side:

  • Dashboard > Overview > Advanced Actions > Pause Cloudflare on this site
  • Dashbord > Access menu option > Launch Zero Trust > selected my account > Access Menu option > Tunnels > three vertical dot menu > Delete

Squarespace side:

  • Restored default DNS records
  • Restored default nameserver info
  • allow time for Squarespace to bring my domain and default site back, then disabled and reenabled SSL and waited for it to activate.

After doing so, I was able to reconfigure the tunnel with a fresh authorization link and all is working well now.

I am still assuming that the cloudflare errors which occurred over the last 72 hours played a part in the trouble I had. Though, after taking a few steps back and trying again… I please to be connected for now

Best of luck to whomever stumbles across this post in the future. :+1:

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