SSL error message site is not secure

I have just set up my cloudflare ssl
I host my website on 123-reg and it is a wordpress divi theme.

i have changed the names servers and installed the cloudflare plugin with the correct API key

but still my site is not showing as secure.

please advise what i am doing wrong.

my site is

many thanks


Enable the ‘Always use HTTPS’ and ‘Automatic HTTPS rewrites’ options in the crypto tab of your Cloudflare dashboard and see it that fixes the issue.

Currently the site doesn’t redirect to the secure version and has a few mixed content issues.

thank you, I’ve enabled those but it’s still not fixed the issue unless it takes time for it to propagate?

The first had been fixed, your site now defaults to the secure version.

Looks like there is some mixed content that you will need to fix on your site though, please see:

Since you are using Wordpress you can use a plugin. This plugin sets the header:

Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

This is a quick fix. You need to convert those http:// urls to https:// since older browsers don’t support this header. Ask your developer for that.

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Or you can add it in .htaccess instead of using a plugin as @sdayman explains at Unable to Fix Mixed Content Issues

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I’m wondering why there is not an app to fix mixed content issue in Cloudflare Apps.


could you check to see if my site is showing as secure for you all now please as It’s not for me but i’ve been in touch with my hosting company and they are saying it is showing secure across all browsers and devices for them and that it is possibly a network issue my end which should clear over the next 48 hours. I’m on EE at the moment and we’ve all (3 of us) tried from different devices and still all getting the unsecure error message.

I get redirected to the secure version of the site, but still see some mixed content issues there.

I do my own web ‘designing’ so don’t have a developer.

sorry to appear not very clued up - i’ve installed a plugin but it’s still showing mixed content?

any ideas on what i can do? please - so sorry to be a pain

No problem!

Have you tried the suggestion at Unable to Fix Mixed Content Issues?

so do i just login to my cpanel and edit my .htaccess file and just add that bit of script to the end of whatever is already in there?

Yep, just add that to the .htaccess file, (in cPanel file manager you may have to choose to view hidden files before you see .htaccess).

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thank you i’ll try that now

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Ok I’ve added that code but nothings changed from what i can see my end - could you check please to see if it’s made a difference to what you can see i will add a print screen below of what i see when i go to my domain

Yes, that site now loads perfectly for me :slightly_smiling_face:

You could try clearing your cache. But it should start working for you soon as well.


aww that’s brilliant thank you so much - it must just be my network my end at the moment then - i’m in the middle of wales on mobile connection lol

thank you so so much for your help :slight_smile: have a great day

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