SSL error, invalid certificate

Hi, I recently install free SSL from cloudflare about 4-5 hours ago
the website is using wordpress host on godaddy
I have replace all mixed content to https
all DNS cloud is in orange
chrome shows not secure invalid certificate
firefox show SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER, i have to accept risk and continue twice to go thru.
cleared both browser cache still same.
followed this video on installing the SSL Free SSL certificate for your website with CloudFlare. Full end to end encryption with free https - YouTube

please help. much appreciate your assistance =D

Your DNS resolver might be slow in updating the IP address of your website (which should be pointing to Cloudflare IP :orange: right now)

Try ping from your PC and see what IP you get?

If you are getting your server IP, try switch to another DNS resolver like or


hi Eric,
thank you for getting back.
no, is pointing to
i think is cloudflare.

Oh, then try load the page again? Maybe try incognito mode.


Just in case if needed, it loads fine from my end (using and Firefox via Adress:

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Thanks Frit and Eric! I guess it need 24 hour to propagate? Looks ok from my end too.

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