I am not able to view my Wordpress website hosted on

My nameservers ARE pointing to cloudflare. I am getting SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT (Firefox).

I have also cleared the cache multiple times and also cleared SSL state.

I am able to open the website using a VPN or from another internet connection (another IP) but not from my regular connection.

Always use HTTPS = On
HTTPS Rewrites = Off

EDIT: I am able to view the site from my mobile phone using the same connection. I cannot figure out the browser issue.

It can be due to slow DNS resolver that still resolves your domain name to your real server IP.

Consider switching DNS resolver to something like or

i have

Try ping your domain and see what IP you get. Is it starts with 104.x.x.x? Or your server IP?

my server ip

Weird. should have the updated DNS cache.

Anyway, try switching to and see?

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