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I’m using x10hosting with Cloudflare and I can’t get the SSL to work.
The following, gives me the error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome and SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG in Firefox.
However the http url works fine.

The odd thing is that if I check here: SSL Checker it looks like it should work fine?

This is a Wordpress page and I have installed the Cloudflare plugin.

Here are my Crypto page.

In addition I have “Always Use HTTPS” disabled and" Automatic HTTPS Rewrites" enabled.

I have also added a page rule for with the setting “Always use HTTPS”.

Anyone that can guide me in solving this?

First of all, change that “Flexible” to “Full strict” or at least “Full”, otherwise your site wont be secure and we dont even need to continue. You do need a proper certificate on your server of course though.

Second, only your www host points to Cloudflare and seems to work but redirects to the non-Cloudflare naked domain which points straight to your host.

Thanks for the quick reply Sandro.

I currently have the following in my DNS: 14400 IN A 1400 IN CNAME

What do I need to add/change to the this working correctly?

I guess you were still replying to my initial response, which I edited in the mean time, right?

Your DNS setup looks okay for a partner setup but the issue is the naked domain which points straight to your host. You’ll need to contact your host in this case I am afraid.

Thanks Sandro,

So this is not something I can change myself in the DNS settings?

I have my “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” set to
Can this be an issue? I read that it should be like this and have therefore not changed these to https.

As @sandro said, you would need to contact your host about this as it appears to be a partner setup, as all these are different, we are generally unable to help with that kind of thing here.

If you are using Flexible (which I strongly advise against) then you need to leave it as http. If you changed it to https, you would experience a redirect loop.

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