SSL error for subdomain

I use Cloudflare Origin Server SSL/TLS and use it for these Hostnames:,, *
The expiration date of ssl is 2037

When I select Full (strict) ssl, the does not wok and show “Error 526 - Invalid SSL certificate”.
But when I select Full ssl, work correctly. is Cname.

How Can I solved this problem?
Best regards.

I’d unproxy that particular record and check what certificate you get from your server.

I disable proxy and the problem solved. But now, does not open with httpS and show warning: “Your connection is not private”.
I can not install SSL for it.
How can I use Cloudflare SSL for ir?

What’s the actual hostname?

Appears to load fine. Are you on Full Strict? If so, there’s nothing you need to change.

Yes. I am using Full Strict.
I have problem with:

That hostname is currently not properly configured for SSL. Talk to your host to get your Origin certificate configured on the server.

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