SSL error for internal users

We have Cloudflare SSL for the primary URL and it’s full encrypted end-to-end, using a self-signed certificate on the internal load balancer. When external users access the site they get a Cloudflare SSL sin certificate and access the website without any issue, but internal users access the site they get not the secure error in the browser. any solution?

If the internal users are accessing the site while bypassing Cloudflare, the self-signed certificate will be presented - self-signed certificates are not trusted by browsers, so here the workaround would be to get a trusted certificate or have internal users access website through Cloudflare.


Thank you, Weronika. You mean to get the trusted certificate from the internal domain or need a trusted certificate authority?

All depends on your setup - if I were you I would take a look at which certificate is presented for internal users and go from there.

Self-signed certificates are not trusted by browsers - so it would have to be a certificate issued by a CA.

The internal certificate would only work if it covers the hostname.