I have an odd issue.
I have a server that have A record without SSL.
Its working on one domain, and on the other one it says

A record on one domain not redirect to HTTPS , the other one seem to be auto-redirect to HTTPS.

Odd thing is any HTTPS rewrite is disabled the same for the domains

The A record is same in the 2 domains.
Where could be the issue?

Thank you

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That is the issue, you need to make sure your site is working with SSL first before you use Cloudflare.

Verify that your site is loading fine on HTTPS, then it will also work on Cloudflare. You may have to talk to your host.

That is the point you miss.

The host has no SSL for now.

In one A record mamaged by Cloud (DNS ONLY, NO PROXY BOTH) it works just fine. Just HTTP- no issues.

In the other A record- it just auto-redirect to HTTPS. Altough it is disbled to do it.

That is the matter

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That’s precisely what I was referring to, you need to make sure the server is properly configured for SSL.

Or are you saying you do not want to use SSL?

But what’s the domain?

No use of SSL currently.

The domain- (port) 3000 work (port) 3000 does not work.
Http only

Thank you

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The registry of .app has set up the domain on HSTS, so browsers will always require HTTPS. You need to complete the SSL setup in this case.

How do I remove it?
How do I un-require it?

For now I have no use for it.

You need to use a different TLD.

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