Our name servers accidentally got changed away from Cloudflare, and it took a while to notice, and Cloudflare removed the domain. We have got it re-added to Cloudflare, but now SSL is not working.

When requesting the domain, the following SSL error is shown to the browser:


I have followed all of the debugging steps mentioned in other issues, such as:

  • Disabling Cloudflare proxying
  • Disabling universal SSL
  • Disabling SSL entirely
  • Waiting a few hours and re-enabling

The universal SSL certificate shows “Pending validation (TXT)”, for 24 hours now, and previously was pending for multiple days (before trying the debugging steps).

Our server is accessible through the IP, so I know the SSL issue is not on our end.

I tried to make a support ticket to link the number in this post, but I get the message “Customers on our Free plans can only submit tickets for billing, account, and registrar issues.” Should I create a ticket under one of those categories even though it is not an account, billing or registrar issue?

Thank you, and if there is any information I can provide to move this along faster?

We would like to upgrade to a higher tier, but are hesitant if SSL does not work.

Ticket # 2569202

Hello there, did you check the DNSSEC? Check this similar thread for the solution:

You are welcome to upgrade to higher tier but that wouldn’t solve the issue by itself.

The domain name would certainly help. If it won’t let you post the link, then write it like: example[.]com

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