SSL error cipher mismatch or cert delay -> timing, fixed now

I have recently moved my DNS/Nameservers to Cloudflare (free), but unfortunately after around 2-3 days i still have no SSL certificate, even after changing settings but still nothing, stuck on “Authorising Certificate”.

My domain is to Cloudflare nameservers (done all that stuff, etc…).
People visit my site (redirects http to https) but it comes up with the “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH” (feel free to see ‘’ yourself).

I think Cloudflare is great and very useful, usually i get certs within 15 minutes but 2-3 days is a bit stupid as you can guess, i have submitted a ticket to support but no reply after 24 hours so i don’t know what to do now to be honest.

DNS settings are all set for Cloudflare (orange cloud) so i dont understand why this domain is having trouble.
My .tk domain got a cert within 5 minutes and was perfectly fine, but my .uk domain has been sat broken for a lot longer…


UPDATE: Of course as soon as i posted here it worked and is fine… -_-