SSL error - Certificate error by free SSL

Hello Team,

The Cloudflare is active on my domain since January without any problem.
(The free SSL is used.)
Since yesterday morning my site is unavailable for SSL issue with the red page:
“Your connection is not private”
I’ve read a couple of things without any suggestion that helps me.

The SSL setting was Full. I’ve changed to Flexible but nothing.
I’ve already cleared all cache in my browser but the issue is still exist.

I’m am using another 3 domain in my account with the same settings and they work good!

Please, can you help me to fix it as soon as possible?
My site is unavailable.

Thank you very very much!


I am afraid there is no such thing. You still need a certificate on your server.

Your domain doesnt point to Cloudflare in the first place but to your host.

On your server you do seem to have a valid certificate, however not valid for your naked domain or “www” host but only for several other hosts.

Make sure your certificate is valid for aforementioned addresses as well and it should work again. However you’d still need to point it to Cloudflare if you want to use it.

Thank you Sandro,

you’ve right.

Contacting with my provider there was a fault with the auto renew.
Already it’s fixed, so it works again!

Thank you for your reply!

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