SSL Error but HTTPS works when DNS set to DNS only


I have my domain waleedserver . me and subdomain

I am using server signed SSL on and the certificate works using local hosts of a machine on the local network and even when the DNS is set to DNS only (when Cloudflare icon is grey in DNS).

However, when DNS status is set to DNS and HTTP, following error is given by my browser: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

INFO: SSL is set to full.

Any comments are highly appreciated.

What’s the status of your SSL certificate on your Dashboard?
Is it “active”?

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Can you post a screenshot of the top part of your Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings page? That’s where we’re looking for an “Active” Status.

There’s no certificate. Click “Enable Universal SSL” at the bottom.

This is weird because this is the second time I’ve seen that this morning.

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Marked as solved because Cloudflares SNI cert is showing up.

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