SSL error bad certificate domain : unable to access my website!

Hey yesterday I had registered with cloudflare for an SSl certificate on free account and did the necessary DNS setup.

But the site didn’t run on HTTPS instead it was still on HTTP, even today morning but later I remembered to add the Flexible SSL plugin on my WordPress site but still in vain. And now I’m not able to access the site itself!

Pre Checks Done:

SSL certificate is active under cloudflare domain also it has a green tick !

Checked on multiple browser but the issue is the same !

Here is a screen shot of firefox browser

It’s telling the certificate is invalid !

You first need to enable SSL on your server. Also, do not use Flexible, that’s insecure.

It’s enabled sir !

And when you mean server are you talking about the hosting provider ?

What is enabled? Full Strict?

And yes, you need to talk to your host to properly secure your site.

Yes at first It was in Full (mode only) then today morning I had changed to flexible!

Ok on the hosting side, I’m trying it on and I have also raised a Ticket there about SSL, cause I couldn’t found an option to add any custom SSL’s except to purchase their SSL addon.

Could that be an issue !?

Then you need to change it back to Full Strict.

I am not familiar with your host, but if they do not allow you to configure your own certificate, you can only purchase their certificate or change host. Most hosts offers certificates for free.

Yea exactly this was bit bad ! Anyways thanks for the reply sir.

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