SSL error after Cloudflare activation


I have an issue while activating Cloudflare on my website and I don’t have any clue to fix this.
Once activated, the error I can read is : Error Msg :HTTPS error: SSL connect attempt failed error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure
This happened during 8h then I deactivated cloudflare.
And I tried 3 times.

My config :
Server : Debian + Apache + LetsEncrypt + Wordpress+ (as registrar)
Cloudlfare settings : Full (Strict)
And I tried all SSL conf 1.0, 1.1. 1.2, 1.3 but nothing changed.

If someone could tell me what’s wrong that you would really nice !



Sorry !

That domain does not point to Cloudflare yet. You first need to change the nameservers.

Indeed Sandro, But I would like to find to find some explainations and some begining of solutions before I change my dns settings.

Without the domain being on Cloudflare it is not really possible to say much. I’d suggest you re-add it and then we can debug any issues.

Which nameservers were you given?

ok; I’ll retry in a few hours.

I used and

The domain is still unproxied as it hasn’t been activated yet. You’d really need to re-add it for more details. One thing to make sure, your minimum SSL version should not be higher than 1.2.

Ok thank you Sandro,
I’ll try that and keep you updated.

The DNS are updated w/ the cloudfare ones and all the SSL is set to TLS 1.2 and TLS3 is off.
I’m waiting for Cloudflare to detect the dns update

The nameservers appear to be set right now, but Cloudflare does not have the certificate yet. Is the domain active on Cloudflare?

Yes it is
But the analytics data keep saying ‘0’ which I guess is normal

Then you should check out Community Tip - Fixing SSL ERROR NO CYPHER OVERLAP in Mozilla

ok thank you
Should I activate " Universal SSL" ?

Is that disabled?

yes it is

Then it cannot work. That needs to be enabled.

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ok thx
just activated it !

Seems to load now

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Thank you Sandro !