SSL - Error 526 - Only on certain computers

Hey all,

Apologies for the newbie question here. I’m a bit lost, I encounter an 526 when trying to access my website, root domain or not.
What’s weird is that, that only happens with my laptop. I tried with a friend’s computer and I didn’t get the error.

I tried clearing all data on my browser, tried with other browsers too and I still get the error.
I’m not sure what I should do, any ideas?


With the 526 error, I would normally have suggested you to look at your origin server, namely check the SSL certificate, as it is suggesting that is invalid.

However, …

This apparent intermittent issue makes me wonder, do you have multiple AAAA or A records on the (sub-)domain where you see the problem?

For example, if the problematic (sub-)domain is, imagine this set up::

Cloudflare would randomly be jumping through the IPv6 addresses 100::, 100::2 and 100::3 when trying to access your server.

If just one of these addresses are incorrect (e.g. no longer serving the assets for your website), you would likely be seeing such intermittent problem as you describe, which would be happening when Cloudflare hits the wrong IP address.

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