SSL Error 526 invalid SSL certificate

Hello dear community!

I’m having trouble to set my website online. I tried everything that I could think of and nothing is working at all.

When I try to reach my domain I get the error ‘Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526’ all though I am using a Cloudflare generated certificate.

I used the full strict mode and also the full mode but unfortunately its still dont want to work.
What is particularly strange, when I set the mode into flexible or off, the website is not reachable at all and also when the mode is set to full, I can reach the website from my iphone with private relay activated.

Could somebody help me out here?
Thank you in forward :slight_smile:

When you pause Cloudflare on your website, does it wirk with https?

It needs to work before activating Cloudflare.

That is exactly what I can not understand. If I pause cloudflare, the website is not found. I still can reach the website towards my local IP but not under the domain but when I activate Cloudflare and also set the SSL mode to strict, the website is reachable via domain.

Your server seens to be misconfigured.

When I open your site via http, I get a “not found” error, meaning your server is not configured to serve that domain.

Via https, it does not work at all, due to a missing certificate.

So keep Cloudflare paused until you get it working.

What do you think that could be missconfigured? I already checked everything twice and didn’t found anything :confused:

That’s hard to say without knowing anything about your server setup.

Generally, you need to configure your server in some way to serve your domain. Part of that is installing a certificate.

Are you using an apache webserver directly or some kind of managed hosting platform?

I am using a selfhosted Unraid server and reverse proxying with Nginx proxy Manager

And I assume on your unraid server you have apache?

Can you share the configs of both nginx and apache?

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