SSL Error 526

Hello all, sorry if this is a stupid question but the solution I’ve seen I donlt quite understand. I had cloudflare enables through bluehost but had to change to setting it up myself to use the Cloudflare plugin for the Rocket WP plugin. I disabled cloudflare in the bluehost control panel and set the cloudflare namservers but I keep getting this 526 ssl error. Any help would be appreciated. Bluehost said that cloudflare should clear a cache? Not sure.

That page isn’t cached. And the error is very clear. There is an invalid SSL Certificate on the host. That’s BlueHost.

If they can’t figure out their own system, you can change your Cloudflare SSL/TLS setting to Full (not the strict one). That may accept whatever misconfigured certificate BlueHost has.

It’s already set to just “full”

You may have to back up a bit and test the BlueHost server. From the Overview page in the Cloudflare Dashboard, there’s a “Pause Cloudflare on Site” link in the lower right corner. Click that and wait five minutes, then test your site. Post back what it says about the site’s certificate.

Okay, did that and waited, still showing the same error message.

i figured it out had nothing to do with bluehost

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