SSL Error 525

I’m using let’s encrypt SSL on server side and cloudflare full strict configuration. I got intermittent 525 error. It worked without problems for a few months, so I imagine that something changed on cloudflare side. Can you confirm if let’s encrypt over cpanel are compatible to use over cloudflare?

What exactly does “intermittent” mean?

Can you post the domain?

Hi Sandro,
“Intermittent” it means that usually appears the error 525 message. I have this situation in many domains (same server), for example:

Assuming your server’s IP ends in 98 I would suggest you double check your DNS settings are correct.

There’s the off change there are conflicting DNS entries for that hostname which would randomize the destination.

That would have been my next question :slight_smile: a redacted screenshot

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Sometimes the error appears but when i refresh the page the site opens.

And that A record points to that 98 address?

If that is the case I would open a support ticket and clarify the situation with support, as the certificate appears to be correctly configured and Cloudflare should be able to connect.

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Yes, its correct. The A record points to 98 address. then

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