SSL error 525, no ftp or sftp

Hi ,

I’m new to cloudflare. I like it already.
Yesterday I was trying to connect an ftp client for the first time after setting up cloudflare and it failed to connect. I proceeded to try to set the DNS settings to route from the ftp subdomain to my site. It seems I’ve managed to disrupt several DNS settings in the process. Please help.

Set up your FTP to use your server’s IP address instead of the hostname. Cloudflare proxies HTTP traffic only on regular plans, so you can’t FTP to a hostname set to :orange:.

If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look.


Your ‘ftp’ record in Cloudflare DNS is set to :orange:. My second choice would be to go to the DNS section of your Cloudflare Dashboard and click the :orange: to make it :grey:.

My first choice would be to copy that IP address from the DNS entry and use it for your FTP program instead of connecting to the hostname.

Thanks sdayman,
Tried your first option. I will try the second option…

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ftp client says:
“Timed out while waiting for handshake”

FTP, SSH, and SFTP are not working on that server. You’ll have to ask your host why.

will do…thanks for the help

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host said use

If that gets you to your files, then you’re all set.

thanks again

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