SSL encryption not allowing access to web site

I have just joined Cloudflare and apart from adding various DNS entries, I have done very little to the default setup except set it to use Flexible encryption and to Always use HTTPS. There are two problems:

  1. I was assuming that turning on Always use HTTPS would mean that anyone going to my web site via http would automatically end up with an https connection, but it doesn’t. I can still go the the web site on http.
  2. I can’t reliably access the web site using https. If I try using Internet Explorer 9, then it connects fine and if I go to the site properties, it shows that it is using a certificate issued to Cloudflare. However, if I use any up-to-date version of IE, Firefox, Edge or Chrome, then basically it won’t work properly. For example, in Chrome I get a blank screen even though it clearly shows https:// in the address bar. If I click on the word Secure beside it, then it confirms that it is secure but still a blank screen.
    I have tried things like clearing browser caches and flushing my DNS but no luck. Can anyone suggest how I might try to solve this? Thanks.
  1. Your assumption is correct. So something is wrong.

  2. I’m surprised IE9 works, but newer browsers don’t.

What’s the domain?

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have done some more testing and the Always use HTTPS does work and the link to the main web site, which is just static pages, works with all browsers no problem. Good news!
However, the problem sites are the subdomains that run cgi programs, and I think it may be the configuration of Apache that is causing the issue, not Cloudflare. An example is This redirects to https perfectly in IE9 but just times out in any newer browser.

eatsc is loading fine with HTTPS in my Firefox and Chrome browsers on MacOS. Webpagetest confirms it loads in Chrome: WebPageTest Test - Running web page performance and optimization tests...

Obviously there is something my end that is causing the problem, which I will look into. Much appreciate your help.

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