SSL encryption mode when connect with Shopify

I’m using Shopify for my website. Although Shopify has provided SSL, But I’m prefer using Cloudflare.
I’m using the Free plan currently.

My question is, which SSL encryption mode should I use? Can I use the Full or Full(strict) mode for my Shopify website?

Do I need to add the CAA in DNS Record?
Or I just have to choose either Full or Full(strict) mode?

I would like to know about this, to avoid from the wrong setting breaking my site.


This is not a question of preference, I am afraid, as you’ll always have to use your provider’s certificate anyhow. When using Cloudflare, there’ll be just an additional proxy certificate.

And yes, you need to select Full Strict here, as choosing any of the other legacy modes will drop your encryption and break your site content and redirection-wise.

There are no CAA entries required, however, as Cloudflare will manage the proxy certificate automatically. You - respectively your host - will still need to manage the server certificate however.

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