SSL encryption active but not working

Hello everyone !

I’m having trouble using Cloudflare’s SSL encryption for a client’s website (1st time using Cloudflare). The website is up and working (hosted on OVH’s server) and traffic goes well through Cloudflare’s servers.

In the SSL/TLS app, I can see that “Universal SSL Status : Active Certificate”, I tried both SLL settings “Flexible” and “Full” but none of them seems to work.

The URL is, can anyone guide me to find any solution ?

Thands in advance !

What does “not work” mean? Post screenshots.

Your site loads fine on HTTPS, it does have a “mixed content” issue though, but thats unrelated to HTTPS. To fix that, search for that keyword here on the forum and you shall find plenty of solutions.

I saw the “mixed content”, but the site wouldn’t load the certificate awyway : Chrome was saying “This website is not secured.”, but it’s working now. And now I changed the " Automatic HTTPS Rewrites" settings to avoid mixed content.

It seems my Chrome cache was messing with the certificate, but it’s working now.

Thank you !

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