SSL + email + what else am I forgetting?!

Ok so I am going to try to make this concise because I’m afraid I’ll get lost otherwise. I am not new to building/creating my own stuff for our business, but it is not my super power. I enjoy it about as much as I enjoy cleaning the bathroom… as in it needs to get done but dang LOL.

I moved to Builderall a year ago and they handled all the SSL stuff in that move but my Google Suite email was a mess for like a month. Still trying to figure out if that is my user error or what.

Leaving Builderall because they can’t deliver what I need and I have rebuilt my course in Kajabi. They said I needed to come here to get my SSL. So now the questions…

  1. What I change my nameservers there will be a bit of a delay as it all populates right? In that time it should still point to my old site CORRECT? Asking because I have ads pointing there and I want things to feel seamless.

  2. Do I have to do something with Google Suit email when I move things?

  3. I want to set up a subdomain for a store we have in Big Commerce so it still all has our main URL. What if anything do I need to do different with setting that up?

Holy ■■■■. I know I’ve got this but goodness.

Thank you in advance.


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  1. add your site to Cloudflare and do the records first, then change your domain nameservers at the registrar, then any issues will just be waiting for DNS propagation

  2. You will likely be given an MX record from Google already? Add this to your Cloudflare records page.

  3. You can add subdomains straight from Cloudflare providing your host allows you to point easily.


Thank you! I will follow those steps.

I am looking for an estimate on downtime if any so I can prepare.

I suppose what I am really asking is this… while it take time to propagate, will it continue to point to the site it is now? fingers crossed

Any thoughts?

I am super worried about doing this! I know that is illogical.

Can I get a step by step - as in which one to do first…

Should I move the MX record first? Or the domain to Cloudflare? Will there be down time? I want to be sure careful, I get a lot of email everyday.


There is a (rather long) Full tutorial on this:

The first thing is to add the domain and make sure that all the DNS records match your current ones, including your MX records.

Switch all records to :grey: and change the nameservers to Cloudflare. This will not enable any of Cloudflare’s services yet, so as long as the DNS records are correct, there should be no downtime.

Once the nameservers have changed, check the SSL/TLS app for your certificate status, it can take 24hrs to issue - once it says ‘Active certificate’, then you can set the records that can be to :orange:, as in the tutorial.

Also make sure that you have an SSL certificate on your server and set your SSL mode in Cloudflare to Full (strict) if you want to use HTTPS.

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