SSL Edge Certificates Stuck in Pending using Dreamhost

I have been trying to figure out how to not have my website error to : ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

My website is hosted on Dreamhost, so all the DNS is done on their side and they have indicated everything is in order on Dreamhost’s side.

The only thing that is off on Cloudflare is my SSL Edge certificates are not going into active and have been in pending for several days.
Things I have tried:

  • Re set up Cloudflare
  • Disable and re enable universal ssl
  • Reset my SSL certs on Dreamhost

Nothing is working

image of the error

Are you using Cloudflare through DreamHost’s configuration in their control panel?

For me it seems to work, but your NameServers are not pointing to Cloudflare.

Don’t think so, as his headers are all missing any typical Cloudflare headers & values. At least thats what it looks to me.

Dreamhost appears to be a Cloudflare partner and have their own way of settings it up with them ([docs])( The record for is a CNAME pointing to but pointing to a non-Cloudflare IP, so I’m guessing it’s disabled right now.

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Yeah I am

Yes Cloudflare is currently disabled, due to it breaking my site

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