SSL Edge certificate showing as "Pending Validation (TXT)"

We added the domain to our free Cloudflare account on 19th August and the Nameservers were changed on the 23rd August but it seems that Cloudflare has not completed the validation (though I note that it did create a Backup certificate on the 24th August):

The Cloudflare Diagnostic Center reports two errors “no_dnssec_found” and “not_found_ds_record”. We have not attempts to set up DNSSEC or DS on this domain.

The registration of this domain was also recently transferred from a previous provider (though I do not know who that was and am trying to find that out) to Fasthosts Internet Limited.

I am going to assume that the previous Registrar did have DNSSEC/DS set up, but is there anything we or Cloudflare can do from our end to fix this issue?

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