SSL domain redirect

I bought a domain from GoDaddy, which doesn’t have SSL attached.
The domain forwards to another domain with SSL and hosting.

But as the original domain doesn’t have SSL, won’t forward with https://

Is your domain on Cloudflare. If so, you can do this by creating a Forwarding URL page rule to do the redirect, making sure Flexible SSL is turned on your SSL settings on the Cloudflare dash, and then making sure there’s an A/CNAME record on root/@ that is proxies (i.e. the cloud is orange :norange: not grey :ngrey:)

Hope this helps!

Hey - thanks for the response.

The domain is attached to Cloudflare but when I point the root at a bogus domain (, I tend to get:

There was a problem loading this website

Try refreshing the page.

If the site still doesn’t load, please try again in a few minutes.

So no working forward to the other site on https

Is the record proxied i.e. the cloud is orange, not grey?

And is a page rule set up in page rules for the redirect? If so, share a screenshot. You can blur/redact out the domain if you’d like.

Hope the above helps.

So the original domain is now a ‘naked domain’ - ie domain without SSL.
The naked domain needs to forward to the ‘new’ domain which has SSL.

So: => (

As GoDaddy doesn’t support SSL over naked domains, it’s having to be configured via Cloudflare.

To be clear
Your page rule is*” → “
And your DNS is (proxied) → random IP

In which case, this should work. You can also do the same on www. but this would need another page rule with “*” and a www A record

hey, thanks for the response.

yes it is set like that - to be elaborate, it was a domain forwarding to a .golf domain
seems to stall in a tab though… so not working? do you have a DM option?

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