SSL Doesn't working

SSL Doesn’t working in my website

Who are you hosting it with? What are your settings? Does the website have a SSL certificate installed on the host?

How can I do that

In the SSL/TLS section of the dashboard, is the SSL encryption mode set to Off, Flexible, Full, or Full (Strict)

Disabling SSL will also disable Always use HTTPS .
Do you want to continue?

Confirm ?

No, do not disable it. Which option is currently selected?


Did you maybe add the website recently? It appears to be working now.

About hours ago

About 5 hours ago

Maybe something was still propagating.

Like I said, it is working for me now. working for you ? works does not work

Is your DNS setup correctly?

how to set up it ?

Please help me

you need to setup a record for the www then create a page rule to redirect to non www

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