SSL does not working on mobile

My site is secure on desktop but not on mobile. How do I solve this?

What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

Hey! It’s “full”

Switch that to Full Strict for starters as you currently have an insecure mode.

Okay! Simple as that…

Not necessarily as simple as that, but that’s the first step to secure your site.

Right! What else should I do? Could you please describe the further steps? Thanks!

Have you changed to Full Strict? What’s the domain?

Yes, I did. The domain is

You appear to have a server issue.

I suggest you pause Cloudflare (Overview screen bottom right), talk to your host to fix your server issue and get the site load fine on HTTPS, and once it works on HTTPS you can unpause Cloudflare.

Okay… thanks man.

Just one more question: my site has the domain by GoDaddy and the hosting is by GitHub. In that case, should I contact GoDaddy or GitHub? Or both?

Your host needs to make sure it works fine on HTTPS, so it would be Github in this case.

Great. Thanks.

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