SSL - Delays Authorizing Certificate

Look for a reply with some next steps :slight_smile:

sorry to see that you are having issues, but we don’t want this to become a solution to jump the line. your ticket was just filed this morning, so we’ll give support a chance first. Hope you understand.

Thankyou @ryan i’ll be waiting for reply from support. you can’t fix this issue ? if possible fix as soon as possible. your help will be appreciated.

Without going into detail, the specifics of your case involve things that are beyond my expertise.

please have a look.


I understand. This requires assistance from one of our support engineers. Please have some patience as they work through the older tickets in the queue.

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Okay boss :slight_smile:

Also, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, tickets are prioritized by plan level. Having even a PRO plan gets you moved way up in the line. However, if you upgrade AFTER a ticket is submitted it will stay in the FREE queue (unless you let me know so I can move it).

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Hi there, our site is having the same issue since we downgrade the account.

Please help on this, I’ve send two tickets already and seems there’s no answer from you or bot, or any

If the two tickets are for the same thing, I suggest you close one of them and post the other one’s number here.

Still no luck, should I start all over?

Hi, @ryan
It’s been four days now and still the same “Authorizing Certificate”.
I even created “support request” but no reply.


Can you please help me.

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I also have no universal SSL key generated. It has been 2 weeks. And our Origin only allows Https traffic. I opened a ticket and they had said it would be reordered. But that was 12 days ago. In the mean time one of our domains is offline.

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Ticket# 1435117

Hi there - a quick check of your domain shows that your site is no longer using the Cloudflare Name Servers. As such, the SSL won’t re-issue.

Also, I can’t find any tickets associated with your zone or email address. Are you sure you filed them?

Looks like your case has already been escalated. Look for a response on your ticket soon.

any updates on 1435117 Provisioning of SSL (TLS) certificate 15 days ago

I saw notes on your ticket for the steps the engineer was taking to resolve. Let me check in again and see how it is progressing (or not :thinking:)

It looks like I am not alone in experiencing a delay after all.

I made changed SSL to Full (strict) 3 days ago, and it has been showing Status Authorizing Certificate ever since. Certificate was issued by GlobalSign. (Maybe there’s a problem there…?)

Support Request #1441696 filed yesterday. No response as of yet.

It really looks like this process could benefit from review.


Looks like there was an issue at the issuer (say that 10 times fast), but I’m told the support agent was able to resolve. If not, definitely re-open the ticket.