SSL - Delays Authorizing Certificate



Request #1406910 there is no response on these request ryan …pls help me out …


Thank you.
It works for me. Thank you very much


Hey Ryan, since you re-open the case, it didn’t change anything.

Would be much appreciated to get the ssl working after 5 days,

please help. #1405284

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Ryan,

I currently have the same issue as well, my SSL cert has still been authorizing for a long while and I tried sending an email to support but haven’t got a reply for at least 3 days.

Currently I’m still waiting for authorization for my domain and it has been a week already, and I really need it to be resolved ASAP. Hopefully you can help me with it.


Hi Ryan,

I have the same problem, It kept “Status Authorizing Certificate” over 4 days. I emailed suport 4 emails, but still has problem.It would be much appreciated you can fix this SSL issue, thank you so much.

Please help #1407412


someone has 2+ week delay !


Hi @ryan here’s a ticket number if you need one.

Request #1408717


Just checked and it looks like support sent you a reply. Please check for that and follow the recommendations.


According to the ticket your issue is resolved, but please reply to that email to re-open if needed.


Thank you.


Hi Ryan,
I have the same problem, It kept “Status Authorizing Certificate” over 8 days. Thank you so much.
Please help!


Hi guys,

Today it’s been 3 days since I changed the name of the DNS server to the ones cloudflare came from and my site ( is still insecure.

what should I do ???



I have already changed and nothing has changed, I would like to stress that it has been 4 days, see print below:

Can someone help me?


Have you opened a Support Ticket?

I’m not having any luck with WHOIS lookups for your domain. Right now, I’m getting nothing for that domain from my browser. Cloudflare seems to depend on the site already functioning before it can switch it over.

So, my guess is if your site isn’t working now, it’s not going to work at Cloudflare.


@ngovantuan.tht, your issue appears to be resolved. Visiting your site I see the secure signs. If you are still having issues please let us know.


Thanks for your attetion

@Mr. Sdayman, my site is working until now, you can ckeck:
but i don’t know how to open a tickt, do you can explain me ?

see below:

when i try the cloudflare server name


my site is working


There are two ways. Either sign-in to your Cloudflare account and click the SUPPORT link in the header to go to the Help Center. Or simply email support[@]cloudflare[.]com from your account email address.


good, thanks


I am waiting for 8 days to issue my certificate and until now nothing.
how can I solve.


Please provide more detail about what you are seeing. For example, does it say that we are still in the process of authorizing it (in your account) or is it that your site isn’t displaying as secure?

Also helps to file a support request at If you provide the ticket number from that I can do some additional investigation as well. But ultimately we’ll need more detail to help.