SSL - Delays Authorizing Certificate



Hi there - I am having the same issue. My ticket # is 1437730. It has been more than 48 hours now. Can someone help?

Thanks so much for your time!


It’s been 11 days and still “authorizing” for me too.


Any news? Mine are still not issued after almost one week.


Have you opened a Support ticket? If it’s still stuck after a couple of days, Support can usually re-start the process.


Be on the lookout for a reply on your ticket.


You have a reply on your ticket with some next steps.


It looks like the support engineer is working your case. Stay tuned.


I just checked the only domain linked to your account and it shows as having an active :cert:. I do see that you are not currently proxying through Cloudflare, so you’ll want to switch that DNS entry from :grey: to :orange:.


Hello! Ryan I saw you’re helping many user’s issues. It’s been over 4 days and Cloudflare says authorising certificate. I hope you would be kind enough to fix my issue as well.

Support Request #1439314


I am facing a similar issue. More than 2 days have passed and the SSL certificate is stuck in “Authorizing certificate” state. Please do look into it matter. Thanks

My Support request #1438799


Already 24hrs Complete But Not Activate My Cloudflare SSL Certificate Please Help Me, This Is My Website “


Make sure you open up a Support ticket so it gets assigned to someone and then the mods here can help push it along. And post your Ticket #.


same issue as others above. it started with 3 days of no ssl issued. had a rep ‘retry it’ and another 2 days has gone by. nothing has changed. still says ‘issuing cert’. please advise: 1438491



This Is My Tickets No Not Activated Right Now, I’m Disappointed This Is My Ticket No #1439594


Thanks @ryan for looking into the support ticket. The SSL certificate has been issued for my domain


Hi there,

You should turn on Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and Always Use HTTPS options under the Crypto tab in order to make it work. After you have done that, it should not take you long for the green lock to appear.

Hope this help.


Looks like support already took care of it for you. :slight_smile:


Trying something different that will hopefully resolve it this time. Look for a reply on your ticket :wink:


Ryan is it possible to check on my ticket as well 1440145? Im only 24 hours in and ticket was done 3 hours ago with no response. I even initiated this through your hosting affiliate Siteground. My business site being down for 24 hours is really problematic for our vendor relations.


@ryan I am having the same issue, please look on my ticked. and if possible solve my problem. Thankyou

My ticket # is: Request #1440673