SSL CV challenge data error

I have set up my blog using a custom domain. I can see the blog online until I turn on https availability. After waiting for a few minutes to have the https verified, I get the following error “HTTPS SSL Certificate failed to be processed due to challenge data not being visible through the public internet. Check your DNS setup. The operation will retry shortly.” I cannot figure out what I need to do to turn on the https

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I haven’t seen that one before. Are you able to post a screenshot or the error?

can you help to get https on my custom domain blog. Give some steps to get Https on my blog.

I am not entirely sure what that message means, have you contacted your host to ask? Maybe someone else here will know more.

You need to wait couple of hours for DNS records to be propagated before enabling HTTPS Availability.

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Already 4 to 5 days completed. Now also this same error occurred.

can you give tutorial for getting https on custom domain blog.

Some hosts’ SSL process does not work well behind Cloudflare. At worst, you may have to Pause Cloudflare on Site (from the Overview page in the Cloudflare Dashboard) while the certificate issues.

A better approach would be to install a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate (if the host allows it):


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