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Hello! I am not sure why my Crypto has been enabled on CloudFlare, since I need to use LetsEncrypt, I disabled completely Cloudflare’s crypto, actually is OFF.

My domain is, using LetsEncrypt.
Today creating a second account for that domain, crypto was automatically enabled to “Full” and a SSL certificate was created.

Now my domain its giving me a error (ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH) even if I have disabled the Crypto of CloudFlare.

I really need help with this :thinking:


It’s not possible to route a site through CloudFlare while having a custom certificate without a Business plan where it’s possible to upload custom certificates to CloudFlare.

There are two ways of going about it:

  • Disable routing through CloudFlare on DNS page. This pretty much means CloudFlare will operate as DNS only.
  • Enable Universal SSL. This means an Universal SSL certificate will be used.

Let’s Encrypt can be used for identification purposes with “Full (strict)” SSL setting, which helps against ASN Hijacking attacks.


Aalright, I was using Letsencrypt and cloudflare with the orange cloud, I don’t have idea how it was working fine, that error appeared when the crypto was enabled by an error.

Fixed following the 1st way, thank you xfix!

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